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The making of What Really Matters

Sunday 12th October, 2014

Hi Guys!

I made my first official video in August/september 2014 and I am really pleased how its turned out! The “What Really Matters” video was shot and edited by CrossfadeMedia. This song is about escaping and reavaluating what you need.  The lyrics were inspired after seeing some random graffiti wall art:- “We buy stuff we don’t need – with money we don’t have – to impress people we don’t like!”.

The song has a summer vibe with reference to a beach in the lyrics – the beach scenes were filmed locally at Horsey Gap and in the dunes around the World War 2 Pillbox.We were lucky enough to catch a seal in the footage on the day of filming. The blacked out shots were shot in my studio at home with night lights carefully positioned to give the desired affect.