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Outline Magazine Reviews Behind The Cover 9/10

Tuesday 8th November, 2016

Many thanks to Outline Magazine-I’ve received a 9/10 review for my new EP Behind The Cover !!  Here’s what they had to say:


Behind The Cover is the new release from singer/song writer Kolin Durier, and it’s really rather good. Opening with the foot stomping Nothing Right it sets the scene perfectly. The song relates to speaking without thinking, which I’m sure everyone can relate to, having done it themselves at some point.

The next two, Laugh and Smile, and Betterman are a little slower, before the close out track, I Am Yours, picks the pace up a little once more. We shouldn’t forget to laugh and smile, or so we’re told in the song, and Betterman is about how bad experiences can make you a stronger person.

One thing that’s clear across the board though, is that this guy can write some very high quality music. The lyrics make you think, and Kolin certainly wears his heart on his sleeve. There’s a real integrity to the music, and you’ll often find yourself thinking about being in the same situations portrayed in the words.

Overall, this EP is four tracks straight out of the top drawer, that has ability to resonate within you on a personal level, especially if you’ve had similar experiences, and because of this, it’s very good indeed.